The Department of Natural Resources will not be calling the man who shot the alligator on Folly Beach last week.

The decision was based partly on complaints after Raymond Covington with Wildlife Removal Nuisance Services shot the gator in the surf May 14, Capt. Robert McCullough with DNR said Thursday.

"That was one of the indicators," he said.

Covington brushed off DNR's decision.

"It's not really a big deal," he said. "They only gave me $100 a call, even if I had to drive all the way to Lake Moultrie. I have no bad heartburn with DNR."

The 10-foot reptile was spotted on the beach near 6th Street West about 3 p.m. May 14. The area is between Center Street and the county park. Several people snapped photos and shared them on social media.

Folly Beach Public Safety officers called DNR, who called in Covington to deal with it.

Officers cleared the crowd back about 50 feet and Covington pulled out a pistol, shot the gator in the head and hauled it off.

Covington said he had no choice.

"Anything that large you can't relocate, and he was sick; his eyes were white," he said at the time. "An alligator that big can take somebody's leg off with one bite. That's nothing to play with. People's safety comes first."

Bystanders said they were shocked when they heard the gunshot. Some burst into tears, according to witnesses. Several people sent out tweets expressing outrage that an alligator was shot on the beach in front of beachgoers. On the other hand, a number of people agreed with him.

Covington also brushed off the complaints.

"If you have not been out in field to work with them, you don't need to open your mouth," he said Thursday.

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