Lisa Self of Hanahan said the hair stood up on the back of her neck as she and her husband raced away from the killer tornado in Moore, Okla.

“I could see it behind us. It just looked like this huge black monster. I couldn’t believe how massive it was,” she said.

Fortunately, the twister spared the Selfs and their home.

“I’m one of the very lucky ones that didn’t lose anything,” she said.

She weathered Hurricane Hugo in 1989, but a tornado is much worse because there is so little time to prepare, she said.

“I will take another hurricane any day. I like plenty of notice,” she said.

Her heru.

Her husband, Shane Self, is a Naval aviation electrician’s mate first class at Tinker Air Force Base. The couple, who have a year-old baby, re-located to Oklahoma two years ago.

Less fortunate Moore residents were caught in the zig-zag path of the tornado. Those people need everything in the way of relief supplies that they can get their hands on, she said.

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