Details scarce on shooting in neighborhood near Ladson Road

Two people were shot at Honey Ridge Villas on Oakmont Avenue, a neighborhood off Ladson Road, in a unit near this Crime Watch sign Monday afternoon. Residents say they were surprised because they considered it a safe neighborhood.

Two people were shot in a neighborhood off Ladson Road Monday afternoon.

Investigators from the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office converged on an apartment in Honey Ridge Villas on Oakmont Avenue shortly after 2 p.m.

A Sheriff’s Office spokesman confirmed that two people had been shot but did not release any other details. An investigator on scene limited reporters’ access to the crime scene, saying photos or video might compromise the case.

Investigators did not say if the if the two people shot each other or if somebody else was involved.

A woman who identified herself only as a single mother said she had lived in the neighborhood for six years and was surprised that somebody had been shot there.

“That’s why I stay here, being single mom, because I feel safe here,” she said.

The unit where the shooting took place is just beyond a sign that says “Neighborhood Crime Watch Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office.”

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