Dateline NBC confronts accused Dorchester County con artist Bethany Martinelli about placing unborn baby for adoption on Craigslist

A Dorchester County woman jailed in connection with a rental scam has been profiled on national television for allegedly trying to unload her unborn baby for adoption on Craigslist.

Dateline NBC featured a segment on Bethany Martinelli of Ridgeville in a “Wild, Wild Web” segment that aired Friday.

In the segment, Martinelli, using the name “Beth Dennis,” met at a Charleston restaurant with Dateline producers posing as an adoptive couple. She told them this was her first pregnancy and that she has a clean record other than “a speeding ticket here and there.”

Martinelli, 37, asked the faux couple for “a couple hundred dollars” to pay for her moving expenses. “And if you could help me with food and gas, I mean that would — that would be great,” she said.

She also suggested that the man accompany her to the hospital when she gives birth so he can sign his name on the birth certificate as the biological father, allowing him to take the baby home.

“For all they know, it could be a one-night stand,” she told him in the segment.

When Dateline reporter Chris Hansen showed up and confronted Martinelli with her real name and her extensive criminal record, she denied it all and abruptly left.

Soon after, however, Dorchester County sheriff’s deputies and U.S. Marshals locked her up in connection with a rental home scam.

Martinelli is accused of taking $3,600 from four people who were looking to rent the home where she lives in Ridgeville, deputies said. The problem was, she doesn’t own the home and had no power to rent the property, they said.

One woman told The Post and Courier she lost her last $1,000 in savings after she gave the money to Martinelli as a downpayment to rent 116 Western Sun Dr. Yvonne Cusack said she and her 5-year-old daughter nearly ended up homeless as a result.

“To me, that’s just heartless,” Cusack said.

Martinelli remains behind bars at the Dorchester County jail, charged with four counts of obtaining money by false pretenses. She is subject to felony property crime enhancement penalties due to her criminal history, sheriff’s Lt. Tony Phinney said.

Phinney said Martinelli apparently is pregnant and she is receiving the appropriate maternity care at the jail.

Martinelli’s criminal record in South Carolina includes convictions for check fraud, breach of trust and driving under suspension, according to the State Law Enforcement Division.

Martinelli, who also goes by Bethany Russell and Bethany Guyton, is also wanted by the Horry County Sheriff’s Office for failure to appear on a stolen vehicle charge and the Denton County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office for felony theft of property, Brad Dorn of the U.S. Marshals Service has said.

It is unclear if anyone is investigating Martinelli in connection with the adoption ad she placed.

Police in Charleston, where the meeting took place with Dateline producers, said they have received no complaints in connection with the case.

Under South Carolina law, adoption proceedings must involve an attorney and be approved in Family Court.

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