Constituent school board wants principal removed over bullying concerns at Baptist Hill Middle-High

The constituent school board for Hollywood and Ravenel has requested that Baptist Hill Middle-High School principal Kala Goodwine be removed as the leader of the school after hearing about ongoing problems of bullying.

A constituent school board has asked the Charleston County School District to remove the principal of a Hollywood school after hearing about persistent issues of bullying.

Charles Glover, who chairs the constituent board for Hollywood and Ravenel, sent a letter to Deputy Superintendent of Academics Lisa Herring and Associate Superintendent James Winbush last week requesting that Baptist Hill Middle-High School Principal Kala Goodwine be removed from the school and not return next school year. The board voted 4-3 in favor of the principal’s removal.

Goodwine has been named as a defendant in several lawsuits over the past year, including two filed last month, that claim she failed to discipline black students who targeted teachers and students with expletives and racial slurs for being white or Hispanic.

Glover said in an interview he’s heard from other parents, including a black parent, who have also felt Goodwine’s response to bullying at Baptist Hill has been inadequate.

Constituent school boards handle student discipline cases and attendance zones but have no authority over employment matters. The Hollywood board’s vote carries no weight and the school district is not obligated to honor it.

District spokesman Daniel Head said that Herring and Winbush have received Glover’s letter. To date, Goodwine has not been placed on any kind of leave and her status with the school and school district has not changed, Head said.

Head declined to comment on whether the school district is investigating issues of bullying at Baptist Hill.