Conditions looking better for spring shrimp crop Getting the tiger by its ‘tale’ DNR studies invasive shrimp threat

Early signs suggest Lowcountry shrimp will be more plentiful this spring, after a few years of poor overall catches.

Better numbers than average of juveniles were pulled in by S.C. Department of Natural Resources sample trawls late last month, said biologist Larry DeLancey, although they were a little smaller than average for the time of year.

The crops have been slowed by winter cold spells for the past few years, but water temperatures didn’t drop as much this winter.

“They’re starting to grow. It doesn’t look like the winter hurt them at all,” DeLancey said.

As for opening day of the commercial season, water temperatures are up compared to 2014, when the opening was delayed. Conditions so far are indicating a normal opening, Delancey said.

Opening day usually is mid- to late May.

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