Columbia family starts #Sing2Lines social media challenge to raise money for medical research

The parents of Eliza O'Neill have started a social media campaign in hopes of raising money to fund clinical trials that could help save her life.

Singing a couple of lines of your favorite song might save some lives, including the life of 4-year-old Eliza O'Neill from Columbia.

Eliza has been diagnosed with Sanfilippo syndrome, a degenerative disease that usually presents itself between the ages of 2 and 6.

Eliza's parents, Glenn and Cara O'Neill, have been urgently using the powers of social media to help solicit funds for clinical trials that have shown to stop the spread of the disease in animals.

"It's just a terrible disease. Things that are really bad happen around the ages of 4, 5 and 6," Glenn O'Neill said Monday. "There's a very good chance it could be stopped this year."

The O'Neills have already raised more than $1 million through thanks to a heart-breaking video of Eliza that went viral back in April, but the campaign is still short about $700,000.

Inspired by Eliza's own love of music and the ALS Ice Water Challenge, they suggest people record a video of themselves singing a couple of lines from their favorite song and then challenge five friends to do the same on social media. It's called #Sing2Lines for #SavingEliza.

They are asking participants to donate $50 to, the non-profit organization they started last year.

Glenn O'Neill said they were initially able to raise $250,000 through traditional fund-raising methods but knew they needed some help.

"It just wasn't getting us there in time with how much money we needed," so they turned to social media, O'Neill said.

Freelance artist Benjamin Von Wong made the video at no charge to the family and they posted it on their site. "No words we can write or type can say can express what we're going through like that video," he said.

The video went viral.

"We had absolutely fabulous luck," he said.

They're hoping for some more.

"We're asking folks don't wait to be challenged," O'Neill said. "Sing your own two lines and start it, please."

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