One of the co-defendants charged in the case of an alleged plot to kill Nancy Latham will be excused from appearing in federal court for jury selection, scheduled to take place next week.

Rachel Palmer's attorney filed a motion Dec. 31 asking the court for Palmer to be excused from the proceeding, according to court records.

Palmer, who has been out on bail, living in Kentucky, gave birth last month and "to drive to South Carolina and leave her new born daughter at home would not be in the best interests of her daughter's care," the motion stated.

A judge granted that request Thursday. Jury selection has been scheduled to begin Wednesday in a downtown Charleston federal courtroom.

Palmer was the girlfriend of co-defendant Samuel Yenawine, who was also charged in the conspiracy, but committed suicide in his Georgetown County jail cell last year.

Yenawine, Palmer, and Aaron Wilkinson, all of Louisville, were indicted, accused in the murder-for-hire case targeting Nancy Latham, a real-estate agent and former S.C. Lottery Commission member. Her husband, Chris Latham, a former banker, was also indicted and accused of setting up a hit against his wife last year, according to authorities. Latham's girlfriend, Wendy Moore, was also charged in the case.

The plan was foiled when Wilkinson told Charleston police about the alleged plot after he was pulled over on the city's East Side while trying to buy heroin in April, according to court documents.

The case has been pending but nearing trial, scheduled for next month.

Palmer's attorney is also asking the court to exclude certain evidence from being presented in court, according to a recent filing.

The motion stated statements regarding anything heard by Wilkinson's girlfriend should be inadmissible.

A judge has not issued a ruling on that motion.