City of Charleston and Town of James Island at odds, again

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley (left) and James Island Mayor Bill Woolsey lead munincipalities that are once again in a dispute over annexations.

The peace between the City of Charleston and the Town of James Island appears to be crumbling.

Nearly a year after Mayor Joe Riley said he would never again dispute James Island’s right to exist, Charleston’s legal department has filed notice it is preparing to challenge six questionable residential annexations approved by James Island’s Town Council.

The annexations are questionable because none of the six properties James Island took in is contiguous to the town.

Some of the homes involved are just a few blocks outside the nearest town boundary line, while others are a great deal away, with the distances being measured in fractions of miles.

Historically in their favor is that all had been part of the town in its previous incarnations.

James Island Mayor Bill Woolsey said Wednesday he embraced the annexations because they are part of his previously announced goal to get all former residents back under the town’s umbrella.