Charleston City Council Tuesday gave initial approval to a zoning change that would lessen the Planning Commission’s clout.

But, the move first will get another review, and face another vote, of the Planning Commission. There will be a public hearing at the Planning Commission as well.

Council voted 7-5 in favor of the change.

The rule now requires a vote of 10 of the 13 council members — at least 75 percent — to override a negative recommendation by the commission. But if the change ultimately is approved, it would take only 60 percent of the members present. If all 13 members were present, it would take eight votes to override a negative recommendation.

If the nine-member Planning Commission votes against the change Council approved Tuesday with a simple majority, it would take a vote of 10 City Council members to override it.

Some downtown residents have raised concerns about the change, claiming it could make development decisions more politically motivated.

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