Attorneys for former banker Chris Latham have asked a judge to dismiss his estranged wife’s civil lawsuit against him, arguing that her complaint is too vague and fails to make a case that he should be held liable for an alleged plot to kill her.

Wendy Moore, a co-defendant authorities have described as Chris Latham’s live-in girlfriend, made similar arguments for dismissal in her response to Nancy Latham’s lawsuit.

In April, Nancy Latham filed the suit against her 50-year-old husband, Moore and two others after the alleged plot was exposed. She later added a fifth suspect in the case.

Last month, the suit was further expanded to include Bank of America and U.S. Trust Corp., alleging that the corporations “failed to properly supervise and take reasonable steps concerning” the alleged plot being put together. Investigators contend that a set of Google maps and a photo of Nancy Latham found in a “hit package” provided to the would-be killers were printed from Chris Latham’s and Moore’s computers at Bank of America.

Attorneys for Chris Latham, who was arrested last month in connection with the alleged scheme, argued in a motion filed Friday that his wife’s lawsuit fails to lay out a claim against him, providing vague allegations that don’t specify exactly what he is accused of doing.

They have asked the court to either toss out the suit or require Nancy Latham to provide a more detailed complaint outlining the specific allegations against him.

“In our opinion, she has failed to state a claim against Chris Latham,” said Robert Rosen, an attorney for the Sullivan’s Island man.

Moore, 37, who is representing herself, made a similar argument in her legal response, also filed Friday.

Matt Yelverton, an attorney for Nancy Latham, said she stands behind her suit.

“We filed this lawsuit because we believe that it is a strong case and that we will prevail,” he said. “Nothing in the motions served simultaneously by the alleged co-conspirators in the plot to kill Nancy Latham changes our position.”

The case went public in early April after Russell Wilkinson, 39, of Kentucky, alerted police to the alleged scheme when Charleston police stopped him while he was trying to buy heroin on Charleston’s East Side, authorities said.

Besides Wilkinson, Moore and Chris Latham, authorities arrested Moore’s former husband, 38-year-old Samuel Yenawine of Louisville, Ky.; and Yenawine’s girlfriend, Rachel Palmer, 36. Yenawine committed suicide in June, hanging himself in the Georgetown County jail.