Charleston to take Longborough park through eminent domain

Charleston City Council voted in favor of taking the tiny waterfront park in Longborough through eminent domain.

Charleston City Council on Tuesday voted 10-2 to use eminent domain to acquire the tiny waterfront park in the upscale Longborough neighborhood on the upper peninsula.

Councilmen Aubry Alexander and Mike Seekings voted against the plan, and Gary White abstained from the vote.

The vote will bring to a close a long-simmering dispute between the city, the Longborough Owners Association and the Beach Co., which developed Longborough.

The city will have to pay the owners’ group, which currently owns the property, the fair market value.

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley has said there was a verbal agreement between the city and the Beach Co. that the park would remain public. And he was going to make sure it remained in the public realm because he thinks it’s important not to limit access to the water.

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