Charleston County Superintendent Nancy McGinley has decided that a make-up day on June 6 will not be a full day for students.

The school board last month approved June 6 as a make-up day for four missed days in January and February due to winter weather and icy conditions. The board did not decide whether the day would be a full day or half day for students.

McGinley during the board's meeting on Monday announced the make-up day will be a half-day for students and a full day for staff. June 6 is designated as a make-up day in the school district's calendar.

The make-up day effectively gives students an extra day of school since the school year was suppose to end with a half-day on June 5. The last full day of classes is June 4.

State law requires schools to make up all days missed due to extreme weather, but the state legislature earlier this year approved a measure allowing districts to forgive up to five days after they use their scheduled make-up days.

The school board on Monday agreed to write a letter to Charleston area state legislators about their concerns with the mandated make-up day. School Board Chairwoman Cindy Bohn Coats said the June 6 day will most likely have minimal attendance, usurps a teacher work-day and creates the additional expense of a full school day with costs for things like transportation and meals.