Charleston police seek two men in separate Line Street crimes

Charleston police are looking for two men believed to be involved in separate incidents this week and last month on Line Street.

The incidents — a robbery and assault on Thursday and an assault April 30 — are not believed to be related, Charleston police spokesman Charles Francis said Friday.

Francis said warrants have been issued for Trever Lamar Kornickey, 23, of 569 King St.; and Kevon Varns, 21, of 8 Blake St.

Kornickey is charged with armed robbery, second-degree assault and battery and possession of a firearm during commission of a violent crime. Varns is charged with second-degree assault and battery, he said.

Francis said Kornickey is a suspect in Thursday’s incident. According to police reports, a 20-year-old Line Street resident told police that a 20-year-old friend advised him he was coming over “with a couple of friends.” At about 11:24 a.m., the friend and two men arrived.

The two men pulled handguns and demanded the Line Street man and his friend hand over their money. The Line Street man told police he tried to pretend he had no money but “slipped” and told the men “please don’t take my savings.” Afterward, the robbers sacked the bedroom and located $2,400 and a $500 laptop computer, the report said.

The report said the robbers found a pellet gun they thought was a real gun, and pointed it, along with their real weapons, at the alleged victims. The Line Street man tried to take a gun away from one of the robbers, and was hit with the gun and shoved into a doorway, breaking some wood.

The report said the Line Street resident had bled from his nose, and his lips seemed swollen and bloodied.

The resident and his friend reported they jumped from a second-story balcony and pursued the robbers when they left. The chase took them south onto King Street and to Columbus Street, where the pursuit was abandoned. The friend had some minor lacerations to his arms, the report said.

The Line Street man was taken to a hospital for treatment. The report maintains his friend was less than cooperative with investigators, but provided a nickname for one of the suspects. The bedroom was found to be in disarray, and there was a smell of marijuana permeating the apartment, the report said.

In the other incident, an officer on patrol at 12:24 a.m. April 30 sighted a man on his back, near a bicycle, in the area of Line and Nassau streets. The downed man had “massive injuries” to his head, his eyes were swollen shut and he had scrapes on his arms. Daniel Rivers Wright, 32, of Rutledge Avenue was taken to Medical University Hospital, and treated for multiple fractures. A witness told police two men had kicked and punched Wright, a report said.