Complaints that some cab drivers in downtown Charleston have been overcharging people are true, according to an undercover police investigation.

Plainclothes officers took 17 cab rides on the peninsula and were overcharged 11 times, according to police spokesman Charles Francis.

Cab drivers are supposed to charge $5 for a ride anywhere on the peninsula, plus a surcharge based on the price of gas, according to a city ordinance passed in 2011. For instance, if gasoline is $3.50 a gallon, the driver can add $1 to the fare.

Cab drivers can also add $1 for each extra passenger.

The undercover officers were overcharged between $3 and $15, Francis said. The officers paid the fares but gave 11 drivers $133 citations for charging too much, Francis said. Two drivers also got $92 citations for not having a chauffeur’s license.

A Post and Courier article in March included complaints that some cab drivers were charging too much, and some cab drivers saying the prices the city mandates do not pay their costs. The undercover officers rode in cabs April 19, Dec. 16 and Dec. 31.

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