Charleston man charged with attempted murder in North Charleston stabbing

Frank Rosser is charged with attempted murder after police say he stabbed a man in the back.

North Charleston police charged a man with attempted murder Wednesday after they say he stabbed a man in the back.

A 30-year-old North Charleston man ran up to officers on Remount Road and told them he thought he had been stabbed.

The man lifted his blood stained shirt and police saw stab wounds on his back and side, an incident report said.

The man told police he was looking for his girlfriend at a home on Dempsey Street when an acquaintance of his named “Frank” grabbed him by the back of the neck and attacked him for no reason.

The man struggled to get away and fell to the ground, the report said. He felt something poke him in the back as he tried to get to his feet.

The man ran from the home and toward Remount Road where he found police, the report said.

Officers located “Frank” at the Dempsey Street home and identified him as 58-year-old Frank Rosser of Atiwan Avenue in Charleston, the report said.

While being questioned by investigators, Rosser pointed to a small knife police say was used in the stabbing.

Police say they overheard Rosser admit to the stabbing while talking on the phone. According to the report, Rosser said “I stabbed him,” then started laughing with the person on the phone.

Rosser is being held at the Charleston County jail. His bail was set at $100,000.

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