Charleston County weighs parking garage rate hikes

Charleston County Council may raise rates at the county Cumberland Street parking garage (pictured) and the King and Queen streets garage.

Parking in Charleston County’s downtown public garages could get a bit more expensive next month.

The county may raise the price for a missing ticket from $20 to $30, and it may raise its monthly rates, too. The current charge of $1 per half-hour and the maximum charge of $20 per day would stay the same.

The full monthly rate at the Cumberland Street garage could rise 14 percent to $160, while that rate at the county’s King and Queen streets garage might rise 11 percent to $195. The monthly rates for weekday parking would rise by $5 at both.

County Council Finance Committee voted 8-1 Thursday to approve the increases, which would generate about $96,000 more per year. If given final approval, the new rates would take effect May 1.