Fresh off his strong showing Tuesday 1st Congressional District candidate Mark Sanford got up around 5 this morning to start laying plans for the April 2 runoff.

And his campaign scored the first coup, winning the endorsement from Charleston County School Board member Elizabeth Moffly — the first public endorsement among the 14 GOP 1st District hopefuls who didn’t make the cut Tuesday.

“Mark is a proven leader with an incredible record of cutting spending and eliminating waste,” Moffly said in a release by the Sanford camp. “I believe he will represent the 1st District as an ardent taxpayer watchdog, and I look forward to helping him win this runoff and the upcoming general election.”

“Elizabeth is someone I’ve come to respect a great deal over the years,” Sanford said in the note.

Moffly finished ninth in the 16-way race, getting 529 votes, about 1 percent.

Sanford faces second-place finisher Curtis Bostic in a runoff in two weeks for the GOP nomination.

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