Charleston County RMC Charlie Lybrand fined $200 for office number on campaign letter

Charlie Lybrand

A Charleston County elected official who put his office number on a campaign fundraising letter was fined $200 by the State Ethics Commission.

Register of Mesne Conveyance Charlie Lybrand was also ordered to pay a $250 administrative fee, according to the Nov. 4 ruling. The violation was use of government personnel or facilities for campaign purposes.

Lybrand, a Republican, was re-elected in November 2014. The RMC office keeps records of deeds, mortgages and similar documents. A fundraising letter sent out in August 2014 included his Hollywood address and home phone number but also his county office phone number at the bottom.

“Respondent (Lybrand) stated he did so inadvertently and unintentionally and that no government resources were used in the production and distribution of the letter,” according to the ruling, “Also, Respondent stated that he received no telephone calls at the office number from anyone wanting to make a contribution to his campaign.”

Charleston County Democratic Party Chairman Brady Quirk-Garvan filed the complaint and got a copy of the ruling last week.

“We are glad that Mr. Lybrand admitted he was guilty of such a flagrant disregard for the law,” Quirk-Gavan said in an email Tuesday. “Taxpayer money should not have been used to prop up this career politician’s election efforts.”

Lybrand said in a previous interview that he shouldn’t have had his office number on the letter.

“I consider it sorry sour grapes from the Democrats who are just sore losers,” he said.

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