Charleston County detention officer arrested, accused of giving contraband to inmates

Venetia D. White, 34, of Summerville, while a detention officer at the Charleston County jail, is accused of furnishing contraband to a prisoner.

A detention officer at the Charleston County jail was arrested Wednesday after investigators said she gave an inmate a cell phone and other contraband.

Venetia White, 34, of Summerville was charged with furnishing contraband to a prisoner and misconduct in office.

She came under investigation last week after a cell phone was found in a cell, Sheriff’s Maj. Jim Brady said. Investigators said White also provided inmates with mini bottles of alcohol, electrical tape and lighters over a period of a month.

She was booked into the county jail and placed on unpaid administrative leave.

It does not appear at this time that other detention employees were involved, and White’s motive is not known, Brady said.