Charleston County deputy agreed to anger assessment after assault charge

Deputy Kimberly Poirier

A Charleston County deputy accused of kneeing a photo bomber in the groin was cleared after she agreed to anger assessment, according to the prosecutor.

Charleston police arrested Deputy Kimberly Poirier after a man complained that Poirier assaulted him on May 31 at a private party at Seagate Village Condominiums. She was put on administrative leave without pay until she was cleared.

The Sheriff’s Office announced Monday that the charge was dropped Friday and she had been reinstated to full duty.

“We ended the prosecution of her charge with an agreement requiring an anger assessment, which she did,” Charleston Criminal Court Prosecutor Melinda Lucka said in an email Wednesday. “We saw the charge as valid; however, as is true in many criminal cases of this nature, there were challenges in satisfying the necessary legal standards to fully prosecute the charge.”

Police said a group of women were taking photos at the end of a dock when a man decided to “photo bomb” — jump into the frame — of their pictures. Poirier, who knew the man, walked over to him and kneed him in the groin area, according to police.

Poirier’s attorney said there some doubt over what happened.

“Based on the evidence we were able to establish, through a thorough investigation, there was a substantial doubt the incident happened the way the complainant reported,” attorney Frank Cornely said. “Faced with that evidence, through witnesses to the incident, the city of Charleston decided to dismiss the charge against Deputy Poirier.”

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