Charleston County residents now can fill out jury duty forms online, marking the first service of its kind in the state.

Under the old process, the 300 residents who receive juror summons with each term of court had to fill out paper forms and mail them back. County staffers then sorted and reviewed the responses by hand.

Now, those residents can go online to submit jury duty or exemption forms. Clerk of Court Julie Armstrong challenged her staff to make the changes.

“I would prefer our citizens be online versus waiting in line,” Armstrong said.

In addition to filling out jury forms online, residents can search court records through a new application called “Court Plus.” They also can enjoy free public Wi-Fi throughout the courthouse by getting a password from the clerk’s office.

“I wanted a more efficient way for people to do business with the courthouse,”Armstrong said. “Our goal was to utilizecurrent trends in technology to provide easier access to the courthouse at no costto the taxpayer.”

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