Charleston County's court clerk warned Thursday of telephone scammers who claim to be from her office when they ask jurors for money or personal information.

Three people have reported the calls to Clerk of Court Julie Armstrong, though none of them said they fell for the trick, she said in a statement.

Armstrong has asked the Charleston County Sheriff's Office to investigate the scam.

"Our jurors are the backbone of our judicial system, and we value their service," she said in the statement. "I want the public to know that my office will never call anyone soliciting money or asking for personal identifiers."

The office calls jurors only after they have called it, she said. Its employees would never ask for money or identifying information over the phone, she added.

Armstrong suggested that people get the callers' information and confirm with her office whether they work there.

People who think they have fielded such calls should contact the clerk's office at 843-958-5000 or the Sheriff's Office at 843-202-1700.

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