In an ordeal even longer and more painful than a Charleston City Council meeting, Councilwoman Kathleen Wilson emerged on Oahu's Sandy Beach recently, becoming only the 25th person to complete the 26-mile swim across Hawaii's Molokai Channel.

Wilson battled 15 mph winds, 4 foot swells and crashing 5-6 foot waves as she approached the beach, according to

She emerged OK Sunday evening, exhausted from more than 20 hours in the water and blotched with about 20 jellyfish stings.

This is just one in a series of ambitious swims Wilson has undertaken. In 2001, she became the first South Carolinian to swim the 21-mile-long English Channel. Seven years later, she swam the 11.2 miles between Spain and Morocco.

Mayor Joe Riley said Wilson's swimming achievements “demonstrates what a determined, dedicated and talented person she is.”

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