Some Charleston City Council members say skateboarding is becoming out of control downtown and they want to consider banning them from the heart of the city.

City Councilman Mike Seekings, who represents several neighborhoods around the College of Charleston, said he’s seen too many instances of skateboarders racing through stop signs, speeding on sidewalks and going against traffic to not take action.

That’s why he’s backing a “Skateboard Restricted Zone,” which would outlaw boarding in the heart of the city, including around the College of Charleston.

“I’m not anti-skateboard,” Seekings said this week. But he added the current situation is a “formula for disaster,” as speeders zip around streets and sidewalks filled with tourists, shoppers and older residents, often after dark.

The proposed ban area would cover a roughly, 20-block zone from Line Street in the north, to Broad Street in the south.

City Council will take up the ban map issue again in the coming weeks and plans to hold a public hearing about it. No date has been set.

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