Charleston-based Wounded Nature — Working Veterans is looking for veterans and volunteers to help clean up a park near New York City that was heavily damaged by Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy last fall.

The park and beach restoration effort in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge of Gateway National Recreation Area near Queens and Brooklyn is set for March 20-22. Volunteers will have to pay for their own food, transportation and lodging.

Cleanup will take place 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day so volunteers can use the afternoons and evenings to explore New York City.

Much of the park remains closed, and volunteers must be able to work no matter what the weather conditions are, according to Rudy Socha, CEO of Wounded Nature — Working Veterans.

“Veterans have experience working in adverse conditions and will show up regardless of weather,” he said. “While we hope for three days of sunshine, it is entirely possible we could encounter three days of rain or even a late snow.”

If you can’t go, Socha is asking for donations to defray expenses.

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