A new report from the U.S. Census Bureau shows South Carolina bucking a national trend toward a population that’s increasingly racially diverse.

Nationwide the white majority’s share of the population declined between the April 2010 census and estimates for July 2012, with Asian and Hispanic populations showing large gains. The U.S. population of children under age 5 was 49.9 percent minority in 2012, the Census Bureau reported, showing the trend will continue.

In South Carolina, the population was 68 percent white and 28 percent black in July 2012, just as it was in the last census. The state gained an estimated 98,359 residents during the 27 months in between, with coastal areas leading the growth.

The state’s Asian and multi-racial populations grew the fastest, each rising about 10 percent, but together accounted for less than 150,000 of South Carolina’s 4.72 million residents in 2012. The state’s Hispanic population, which falls into multiple racial categories, was estimated at 258,907, an increase of 6 percent from the last census.