Tuition is poised to go up, again, for College of Charleston students this fall.

A Board of Trustees committee on Friday voted unanimously to approve a tuition hike, after a budget presentation in front of a quorum of the full board at which few questions were asked. The full board will vote on the budget on June 10.

The hike would be the second 3.2 percent increase in as many years.

Undergraduates from South Carolina would pay $312 more, or $10,230 per year. Students from out of state would pay $1,390 more, or $26,694.

Graduate students would pay $344 more in state and $1,530 more out of state.

Science lab fees would increase in a range from $25 to $75, among other fee hikes.

The increases would pay for $6.3 million of a $10.5 million increase in revenue for the 2013-2014 budget of $252 million.

For in-state students, $1,488 of their tuition pays for capital improvements, or building projects. That did not increase. Out-of-state students do not pay for those projects. A rapid escalation of tuition rates among colleges and universities across the country has been blamed partly on paying for capital improvement projects.

Raising tuition “is never easy. I know we all have or know of family members who are struggling this time of year,” said G. Lee Mikell, committee chairman. But the college is rated among the best in the South for the combination of education quality and cost, he said, and “students still are wanting to come here.”

C of C President George Benson called the budgeted tuition the “sticker price,” and said in-state students who can rely on state lottery scholarships pay only about one-third of that.

The proposed increase mirrors a 3.2 percent increase for The Citadel cadets and graduate students that state legislators requested as a maximum. The University of South Carolina and Clemson University have not yet released tuition proposals for the 2013-14 year.

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