Brooke Ryan, 'Two Girls and a Guy' radio show returning to Charleston

"Two Girls and a Guy" cohost Mike The Guy announced the return of the show on Facebook Tuesday.

Brooke Ryan left Charleston and the popular morning radio show "Two Girls and a Guy" four years ago for bigger things but found they weren't necessarily better.

Now she's coming back, along with former co-hosts "Mike The Guy" and Tanya Brown, who have been co-hosting a show in Portland.

All three took to social media Monday to announce that they will be back together in the mornings but on a new station, Mix 96, starting on Sept. 15.

"It's exciting. It's new," Ryan said in a phone interview Tuesday. "We all kind of went away and tried our own thing. At the end of the day we just wanted to be back together."

Ryan will be getting married first, which is why she thinks the show will be a little different from before.

It will be "like we never left but with a big twist: We're all in different places in our life now," Ryan said. "Tanya's single now. I'm getting married. I don't think anyone saw that happening. And Mike is being Mike."

The move is significant because it brings more local talent to Lowcountry airwaves. The trio was on 95SXfor 12 years but the station eventually started airing a syndicated show after they left. Mix 96 currently runs a syndicated show.

"I noticed that once we left it looked like the market was heading in that direction," Ryan said of syndication. "It is less expensive, to be honest. But there's something about Charleston. Charleston loves local."

Ryan said one of the things bringing her back from Washington, D.C. is the city itself - and her notorious pursuit to be BFFs with resident celebrity Bill Murray.

"You know it. Bill Murray watch out!" she said. "I mean look, Charleston is my favorite city. It has been since the moment I went away.

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