After being inadvertently struck by a bullet aimed at a fleeing man, a 13-year-old North Charleston boy is most upset about missing his favorite activities, the boy’s mother said Friday.

“He’s sad right now because he can’t play basketball and can’t go to school,” his mother said after bail was set for a woman connected to the shooting incident.

She said the bullet that police said crossed Spruill Avenue and struck her child did more than graze him. “It went in and out. He’s got two holes,” she said, pointing to her shoulder.

Investigators are probing what appears to be a bizarre and complex incident. Although a woman has been charged as an accessory, the suspected shooters remain at large, North Charleston police spokesman Spencer Pryor said.

Warrants state that the boy was hurt when two men fired shots at another man about 6 p.m. Thursday at the end of Clements Avenue, near Spruill Avenue.

The shooting took place after an argument between the man who was fired at and four women, police said.

The boy was taken to Medical University Hospital, where he was treated and released, Pryor said.

Police charged 18-year-old Dominique Owens with two counts of accessory to attempted murder. Magistrate Sheryl Perry set bail totalling $150,000 for Owens, who is being held at the Cannon Detention Center.

Pryor said police are seeking 19-year-old Benjamin Davis of Charleston, one of the alleged shooters, on two counts of attempted murder. Police have not identified the second alleged shooter.

The report said witnesses told police that Owens and other women were arguing over a man, Rashad Jenkins, and that Owens left but returned in a car with two men, one of whom was Davis.

When gunfire began, Jenkins ran, and “both gunmen gave chase all the while firing their weapons in the direction of Jenkins with malice aforethought,” the warrant said.

One of the bullets crossed Spruill Avenue and struck the 13-year-old.

Police Sgt. James Hill said at the bond hearing that the boy “was on his way to play basketball.”

The mother said in court that her son “had just come home from school, gotten something to eat and changed clothes,” then headed to the basketball court.

“It’s so sad,” she told the magistrate. “My son was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The mother said she does not know any of the people police named.

“I don’t wish no harm to anyone, but I want something done for what happened to my son,” she told Perry.

Owens’ mother, who did not state her name or speak after the hearing, also was in court.

She said she was sorry for what happened to the boy, and told Perry that Dominique Owens works, is planning to enroll at Trident Tech and “has had no problems with the police.”

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