Just when you thought Google Earth couldn’t get any cooler Boeing has partnered with it to allow the public to track 787 Dreamliners from home .

The 787 Flight Tracker geographically positions 787 flights using Google Earth so users can track all in-progress 787 flights using their FlightAware data.

Boeing introduced the program by setting up demonstrations Friday at Tanger Outlet in North Charleston and Saturday at the Charleston Farmer’s Market in Marion Square.

Boeing spokesperson Candy Eslinger said there was a continuous flow of visitors during the demonstrations.

“It’s a great way people can learn and it’s a way to continue building with the community,” Eslinger said.

James Islanders Ann and Hollis Garris said they stopped by the display at Marion Square because they had a few questions about the planes and also want to support Boeing.

“The fact that Boeing is here is important to our area,” Ann Hollis said.

The Hollis’ were also able to speak to Boeing representatives about some of the concerns they had, such as comfort on the planes and what sets the Dreamliner apart from others. Representatives said leg room, one of their concerns, is determined by the company that buys the plane. But there are other features, like bigger windows and touchscreen shades, that stood out to the couple. They said they would like to tour the North Charleston plant soon.

Boeing interns Sydnie Reynolds and Samantha Eberhardt were also at the demonstrations to help people navigate the new tracking site. Reynolds said the new software gets people excited about what they could potentially be flying on.

“They don’t want to be a separate company, they want to be integrated with the community,” Reynolds said of Boeing.

The flight tracker also gives users 360-degree views of all 787s in flight and a list view of current customer airlines, flight numbers, statuses, time enroute, origin, destination and direct booking availability. You can even customize Google Earth features by adding country borders, zooming in on city details or freely rotating the planet to your desired view.

To experience the 787 Dreamliner Flight Tracker go to flighttracker.newairplane.com.

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