'Big Brother' shows up at Folly Beach

Blake Brooks of Nashville, right, a member of the casting crew for the TV reality show "Big Brother," fires up a group of people waiting to audition for the show at Loggerhead's Beach Grill on Folly Beach Friday night.

Scores of TV show hopefuls slogged through a heavy rain Friday night for a chance to win a half million dollars on one of the oldest reality shows.

The casting crew of "Big Brother" set up shop at Loggerhead's Beach Grill on Folly Beach. It was part of a 30-city tour recruiting contestants for Season 16, which starts June 25.

The show has been on U.S. stations since 2000.

Each season, anywhere from a dozen to 16 young men and women live together in a house filled with cameras and microphones for three months with little or no contact with the outside world.

The house guests are divided into teams for various contests for rewards. Each week or so, one of the contestants is voted out of the house.

The tension comes in deciding whether to keep people because they help you get rewards or getting rid of them because they may take away your prize money.

The last house guest gets $500,000, and the second-place finisher $50,000.

Those who show up for auditions are not allowed to give their names publicly because of a confidentiality agreement.

A young man sitting at a table with his wife waiting to be called Friday said he is prepared to miss 90 days of work at Boeing for a chance to win $500,000. He thinks he has a good chance of winning if they pick him.

"I've watched every single show," he said. "The alpha male has a very hard time because he's a target."

Another young man waiting in line said he has no particular strategy other than "being real."

"Too many people play games," he said.

Publicity for the tryouts urged people to come in everyday clothes and let their stories sell them.

But one man showed up in a blue seersucker jacket and red, white and blue shorts.

Applicants who make it to the final round of auditions in Los Angeles will be notified by phone by May 16, according to CBS. The rest of us won't know who made it until we see them on television.

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