Best buys for June

Sarah Bates/Staff The cruise ship Fantasy in Charleston harbor. Good deals on flights and cruises can be found in June.

June is upon us, and the Charleston we all know and love is in full bloom. In the coming months we'll become accustomed to the smell of barbecue and magnolias, the sound of crickets and your kids insisting that chlorine is just as good as soap.

During the first month of summer, we're allowed to splurge on some things, like a trip to the water park and a baby sitter afterward. Just be sure to watch your spending on some other items this month, and you'll have a better chance of staying on budget. Here are your best buys of the month.

It may be highly inaccurate to assume that all men love power tools. A guy who plays the violin or knows how to program a microchip may not be the type to install a new shower. But retailers don't typically shy away from stereotypes, so when Father's Day rolls around, so do deals on tools. If you're in the market for a new drill or electric screwdriver, now is the time to buy.

Again, not every man carries a briefcase and sits at a desk every day. Retailers don't care. They're slashing prices on ties and dress shirts all month, anyway. But it doesn't hurt to get some nicer threads while it's cheap, especially during wedding season. Try an off-price retailer such as Marshall's or the local shop the OOPS! Co. and you could save even more.

In the summer, more people like to exercise outdoors, so gyms and fitness clubs are hoping to lure in more customers with special deals. Gold's Gym, for example, has a $10-a-month membership right now. Social deal sites also will be a good place to look for an extra cheap membership.

Airlines and hotels know that summertime means a lot of traveling, whether it's for weddings, graduations or family trips. That means competition is at its peak. Travel sites such as Expedia and Orbitz will have some good bundle deals, while cruise lines will likely slash prices to make the most of the summer before hurricane season hits.

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