Bar workers face charges


Three employees of a Goose Creek nightclub were fired Friday after being charged by police with holding a group of patrons against their will, taking their money and beating one of them with a broken pool cue.

Goose Creek police said surveillance video from the Two Keys Tavern was reviewed by investigators before charges were made. The suspects were being held at Hill-Finklea Detention Center in Moncks Corner, police Capt. John Grainger said.

He said the charges relate to alleged incidents early April 21 at the bar on College Park Road. Bond hearings will be scheduled, Grainger said.

According to warrants, Gary Eugene Long, 41, of Stonegate Avenue in Summerville was trying to collect money that had been bet on pool games, and ordered bouncers to lock down the establishment and not let anyone out.

Long and Golden Luis Deleon, 30, of Wando Road in North Charleston and Timothy Dale Lawhorn, 35, of Sternside Run Avenue in Summerville are each charged with six counts of kidnapping and two counts of armed robbery with a deadly weapon. Long and Lawhorn are also charged with two counts each of first-degree assault and battery, police said.

The suspects have been fired, a Two Keys Tavern employee said Friday.

Earlier this week, police announced they’d served a search warrant at Two Keys Tavern, and club owner Mark Keller released a statement saying the manager and employees involved in the alleged incident had been suspended.

One of the alleged victims, 24-year-old Robert Drawdy, went to a hospital emergency room with a 5-inch-long gash in his head, police said.

Two Keys patrons told police they’d seen customers gamble on billiards games. At 6 a.m. April 21, the bar manager “became irate and ordered the bouncers of the establishment to lock the doors” with about 20 people inside, according to a police report.

Police were told the manager and bouncers demanded that someone come up with the money.

When a man argued with the bouncers, one of them grabbed a pool stick and broke it over a pool table, then took the thicker end of the stick and hit Drawdy in the back of his head. Drawdy was knocked temporarily unconscious, according to the report.

A patron told police he left $100 on a table, and the manager eventually unlocked the front door and told the patrons to get out and “not to (mess) with Two Keys.”

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