Baby had untreated broken leg

Derek Stilson and Rachael Enciso of Hanahan are facing charges in connection with injuries to their 5-month-old son.

The mother and father of a Hanahan child hospitalized with a severe head injury did not seek treatment for an earlier spiral fracture to the 5-month-old’s leg, investigators said Friday.

The injury, which investigators said is consistent with the leg being twisted, went unreported until the child was examined by doctors days after his father allegedly slammed him to the floor when he wouldn’t stop crying, according to an affidavit.

The infant remains at Medical University Hospital, where he has been listed in critical condition.

Hanahan police on Thursday charged Rachael Felicia Enciso, 30, and her boyfriend Derek Allan Stilson, 23, both of Murray Drive, with unlawful conduct toward a child.

A judge on Friday set bail at $20,000 for both parents.

A group of Enciso’s loved ones gathered in the Berkeley County jails’s parking lot after the decision was made. The group declined to speak on the charge, referring all comments to the woman’s attorney, Stephen Schmutz.

Schmutz said at most, his client is accused of not being a proper lookout, not physically harming the child.

“There’s no evidence of this nature in her past,” Schmutz said.

Enciso’s lack of a criminal record speaks to her character, Schmutz said. The judge recognized that by granting her a low bond, he said.

The charge against Enciso was filed almost a week after Stilson was charged with infliction of great bodily injury to a child and jailed.

The allegations against her were raised during the investigation into Stilson, Lt. Michael Fowler said.

Stilson is being held at the Berkeley County jail pending a $250,000 bail on that charge.

In an affidavit, investigators described Stilson throwing the child onto the living room floor out of anger. Enciso told investigators if that is true, she was at work when it happened.

The child was transported to Medical University Hospital on Feb. 22 in critical condition. He had a fractured skull and blood behind his retinas and swelling on his brain, police said.

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