Attorney: Video disproves allegations

Charleston head coach Doug Wojcik yells at a player to get into position in the second half of an NCAA college basketball game against San Diego State at the Wooden Legacy tournament Thursday, Nov. 28, 2013, in Fullerton, Calif. San Diego State won 72-52. (AP Photo/Alex Gallardo)

Former College of Charleston basketball player Trevonte Dixon claims he was physically assaulted by Cougars head coach Doug Wojcik twice during the 2012-13 season.

Dixon also alleges that Wojcik threw basketballs at players during several practices.

Wojcik's attorney, Scott Tompsett, on Tuesday provided The Post and Courier with video footage from the Cougars' game with Elon on Dec. 1, 2012, when one of the alleged incidents took place. Tompsett also provided 30 minutes of practice video that appears to contradict Dixon's claims.

It was Dixon's allegations of physical abuse that prompted new College of Charleston president Glenn McConnell to launch a second investigation into Wojcik less than a month after the college completed an earlier probe that concluded with a 50-page report that exposed dozens of allegations of Wojcik lashing out at players with obscenities, personal attacks and physical threats.

Dixon transferred to Francis Marion University following the 2012-13 season.

Numerous attempts to reach Dixon on Tuesday were unsuccessful.

Dixon contends that he was physically assaulted twice during the season, once during a preseason game in Canada and again in a regular season game on the road against Elon.

The second incident allegedly occurred during the Cougars' 56-54 win over Elon. Wojcik confronted Dixon on the bench after he played just two minutes.

Dixon is taken out of the game after turning the ball over and then committing a foul, and the video shows Wojcik kneeling in front of the Florence native. Wojcik is animated in his conversation, but it's unclear if the coach touches Dixon. None of the players sitting near Dixon appear to react while Wojcik is speaking to him.

"The video of the Elon game shows that coach Wojcik substituted Dixon out of the game after the young man committed a turnover and then almost immediately committed a defensive foul away from the ball," Tompsett said in the statement. "Dixon returned to the bench, then Coach Wojcik kneeled in front of Dixon coaching him on his mistake.

"The entire encounter lasted a few seconds, and there's nothing that comes even close to physical abuse. In fact, the same type of conduct can be seen dozens of times a night on ESPN during the college basketball season. It's called coaching, and it's what the College of Charleston hired Coach Wojcik to do."

Dixon's claims that Wojcik maliciously threw basketballs at players during practice drills is unsubstantiated from the video provided. It's clear from the video that any contact is part of the natural course of the drill.

"The video we've provided shows players occasionally getting hit with the ball in the back, legs or buttocks because they were not looking for the pass," Tompsett said. "And that's what happens in real game situations. The drill simulates a game situation.

"It's obvious that contrary to Dixon's allegation, coach Wojcik did not maliciously throw balls at players because they performed the drill incorrectly; rather, he was teaching and instructing. In fact, at one point in the video Coach Wojcik gives a high-five to Dixon as positive encouragement."

Dixon's attorney, Rose Mary Parham, said Tompsett is conducting a disinformation campaign against her client.

"We don't have video of every practice and every game from when my client played for coach Wojcik," Parham said. "There's no video of the incident in Toronto. We just want a full and accurate picture of what has happened."

Tompsett said he felt compelled to provide the video because Dixon's allegations are not true and the College of Charleston has done nothing to set the record straight.

"The College knows, or certainly should know, that Mr. Dixon's allegations are false," Tompsett said. "Yet the College has done nothing to correct the public record."

The College of Charleston declined to comment on the release of the videos.

Tompsett said there is no video of the alleged Toronto incident, which was mentioned in the school's initial report.

The original report was compiled with input from 12 players, 10 of them anonymous, and obtained by The Post and Courier earlier this month.

A teammate referred to as Player 2 said in the report that Wojcik grabbed "Trevonte's jersey and had his fist under his chin, while screaming at him that "this Cremins (expletive) won't play here."