Attorney General Wilson’s comments appease Berkeley Republicans

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson

Renee Ittner-McManus

GOOSE CREEK — South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson knew going in that he was working a tough room, so he decided to face the issue head-on.

Wilson made plans to speak at today’s Berkeley County Republican Breakfast before Jan. 17, the day his office requested that the State Law Enforcement Division look into the Berkeley County School District.

As Wilson took the microphone in front of a crowd of about 100, he said it would be “unfair, inappropriate and unethical” for him to talk about the case.

As the investigation nears five months, several members of the Republican Party have become vocal about allegations that employees used district time and resources to work on November’s school improvement campaign.

After a presentation on April 29, the party’s executive committee passed a resolution calling for Wilson to “fully investigate and prosecute any offenders of S.C. state law” in the case.

“Before I get into my remarks … I want to cut straight to the meat,” Wilson said. “Every member of your delegation — House, Senate, including members in other elected positions that I have bumped into, political officials, party officials — have come to me, probably at many of your requests, and asked me to comment on any matters going on down here in Berkeley County. ... Let me go ahead and try to answer the questions that you may have upfront, without crossing any lines.”

Wilson said he cannot discuss the ongoing investigation, “but I can assure you that the process is currently working. SLED is working very hard to give us a formalized, criminal SLED report, an investigative report, which will be obviously supplemented by the information that is already out there in the court of public opinion.”

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