2 arrests made in bike-shop killings S’ville man among 3 victims; manager recalls chaos

Store manager Stan Foxworthy goes about his work Sunday at Cycle Gear on Dorchester Road, a day after three men were shot to death after the fight inside the store moved to the parking lot.

Wade Spees

Two men were arrested early Sunday after a brawl at a North Charleston motorcycle-accessory shop ended in a hail of gunfire and three deaths in the parking lot Saturday afternoon.

The three men killed at Cycle Gear, at 4400 Dorchester Road, also have been identified.

Police have not said what started the fight or why somebody felt the need to start shooting. Another fact surfaced Sunday that could have turned the scene into an even bigger tragedy. Just an hour before the shootings, a youth group had wrapped up a car wash it was holding in the parking lot, according to store manager Stan Foxworthy, who expressed sympathy for the victims Sunday.

“My heart really goes out to those people who were affected, our customers, their families. Right now there are families who are missing people,” he said.

The three men killed were Theodore Waymyers Jr., 36, of Summerville, and Maurice Horry, 41, and Carlos Davis, 39, both of Columbia, according to the Charleston County Coroner’s Office.

A fourth person was shot and suffered wounds not believed to be life-threatening, North Charleston police spokesman Spencer Pryor said.

Arrested early Sunday were Ronald Reid, 43, who is charged with murder, and Barry Stinson, 32, who is charged with second-degree lynching by mob.

Police did not release their addresses, and they were being held Sunday in the Charleston County jail.

Lynching by mob is a legal term generally defined as an act of violence by two or more people against another person.

Police did not release any more details Sunday. More arrests are possible, Pryor said.

Foxworthy said he didn’t recognize any of the names of those killed or arrested as regular customers. He didn’t get a good look at the men Saturday. He was in the back of the store helping a customer find a tire shortly before 4 p.m. when a half dozen or so men started fighting near the counter, sending motorcycle helmets spinning across the floor.

“It happened so fast,” Foxworthy said. “All I saw were arms and legs flailing everywhere.”

He said his main concern was making sure other customers were all right, and dialing 911. He was shocked when he heard gunshots, and a co-worker locked some customers in a bathroom until police arrived.

Cycle Gear, a national franchise, is an upscale accessory shop that looks like it might cater more to NASCAR fans than to hard-core bikers.

Business was brisk Sunday afternoon. The only indication of the previous day’s incident were more than a dozen numbers spray-painted in blue around the parking lot, marking where officers had catalogued evidence.

A witness told a reporter Saturday that he heard 10 to 15 shots outside the store. Police have not said how many shots were fired.

Community groups often hold events outside the store, Foxworthy said.

“That was some really stupid behavior, and it should have never happened here,” he said of the incident. “When stuff like this happens, it’s a blow to the entire community.”

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