3 arrested on drug charges after West Ashley traffic stop

James Theron Whaley (left), Anthony Joseph Attard (center) and Brandi Ellen Carter all face multiple drug charges after a traffic stop in West Ashley early Tuesday.

Three people were arrested on drug charges after a traffic stop in West Ashley early Tuesday.

A Charleston police officer stopped a Jeep Grand Cherokee on Savannah Highway about 5 a.m. because he said it matched the description of a Jeep connected to a recent motel robbery, according to an incident report.

James Theron Whaley, 32, of Ashley Hall Plantation Road; Anthony Joseph Attard, 31, of Dorchester Road in North Charleston; and Brandi Ellen Carter, 33, of Stevenson Drive, were booked on multiple drug charges.

After the officer pulled over the Jeep, the driver, Whaley, seemed nervous and couldn’t say where he was going, and all three occupants started giving different accounts of where they were heading, according to the report.

A search of the Jeep turned up materials used to make methamphetamine, 10 Oxycodone pills, a plastic bag containing a gold watch and a gold brooch and a Belk bag of baby clothes, according to the report.

Officers found more drugs on Attard and Whaley when they got them to jail, according to the report.

Detention officers said they found crack cocaine, marijuana, heroin and an unidentified pink pill on Attard.

A police officer said he found two foil gum wrappers containing what was presumed to be crack cocaine and another gum wrapper containing a plastic ziplock bag of heroin on Whatley.

Whaley, Attard and Carter were being held in the Charleston County jail Tuesday.

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