All-in-one recycling program to expand

Shelton Prioleau lifts a recycling bin used to keep paper separate from glass and plastic during collection day Wenesday, April 23, 2013 in West Ashley. About 40% of Charleston County has been switched to a new single stream system which allows for more material to be recycled in a safer way for the drivers.

Paul Zoeller

Charleston County will add another 25,000 homes to the All-in-One recycling program next week.

The program, also known as single-stream recycling, allows residents to mix all their recyclables in one large bin that the county provides, instead of separating them. The popular program dramatically increases the number of homes that recycle and the amount residents bring to the curb every other week.

The latest homes added to the program are located in Mount Pleasant, West Ashley, James Island, North Charleston and Sullivan’s Island.

The county already has notified residents who are being added to the program. Those households will begin receiving their 95-gallon roll carts next week.

Now, about 75,000, or nearly 70 percent, of the 110,000 homes from which the county collects recycling are part of the All-in-One program.

“This is our largest expansion of the single-stream recycling program to date,” Charleston County Councilwoman Anna Johnson said in a news release. “With each expansion, we continue to see an increase in recycling participation and the amount of recyclable material collected as residents see how easy it is to recycle with the new roll carts. The success of this program is an important element in achieving our 40 percent recycling goal and extending the life of our landfill.”

For more information on single-stream residential recycling, contact the Charleston County Environmental Management Department at 720-7111 or see

Reach Diane Knich at 937-5491.