A run of Lucky 7s broke the bank at the South Carolina Education Lottery Saturday evening, with thousands of Pick 3 players picking up a share of the $1.6 million payout.

The 7-7-7 play is arguably one of the lottery’s most popular number combinations. And it paid off handsomely for more than 6,500 players who chose that run during the weekend drawing.

Depending on the price paid for the ticket, these winners took home either $250 or $500 per play, putting the lottery in the red for the evening. The payout eclipsed sales for the drawing, which amounted to $200,000, by eight times, according to lottery spokeswoman Holli Armstrong.

“Pick 3 players certainly have a lot to smile about when triples are drawn,” said Paula Harper Bethea, the lottery’s executive director. “Triples are by far the most popular combination played by our Pick 3 players. “

Saturday’s drawing was just the sixth time 7–7–7 has been drawn by the lottery. The last time occurred in November 2007.