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Letter: We'll all pay for COVID bailout in the end

Letters to the editor-2021

Trump’s administration logistically pulled together what I believe to be the largest mobilization of public and private forces since WWII in order to provide critical resources to fight and endure the COVID pandemic. Essentially every COVID resource available today was provided during the previous administration.

By late last summer there were no shortages of supplies including ventilators and medical supplies. Also, there were multiple diagnostic tests and therapeutics available including Baricitinib in combination with Remdesivir and two other monoclonal antibody drugs. In the summer, not knowing which vaccine would be approved first, the Trump administration took a portfolio approach and invested in six vaccines and paid drug companies to start manufacture before approval, including 100 million doses each from current approved providers Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

They also issued two other contracts – one to Becton, Dickinson & Co. and another to Retractable Technologies Inc. to cover syringes and needles for administering vaccines. Under Operation Warp Speed within 11 months from discovery of the disease, vaccines were approved and immediately available besting the previous record of four years for any other U.S. vaccine approval.

In December, the Trump administration issued a contract for an additional 100 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine with an option for an additional 400 million doses and a contract for an additional 100 million doses of the Moderna vaccine. Contracts were in place by December to provide vaccines to the entire U.S. adult population. The Trump administration also had issued a national distribution and guidance plan and asked state and local health departments to develop local distribution plans so they’d be ready to start vaccinating people as soon as October.

Deemed controversial during the election, that directive still encouraged health agencies to make preparations. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris received their vaccines in December and by Jan. 26 about 44 million doses had been distributed. Yet, the Biden administration will not acknowledge these amazing achievements. In a football analogy, Trump’s first team put the game away and then Biden’s second/third team players entered the game to run out the clock. But ironically, the Biden team, including the media, are claiming they won the game.

But not to let a crisis go to waste and with time hopefully running out on being able to call it a crisis, the Biden administration passed the most progressive/socialist spending package in history. In spite of the $2.2 trillion Cares Relief Act and $0.9 trillion COVID Relief Bill passed in 2020 and with nearly a trillion dollars yet to be spent from these 2020 authorizations, the Democrats pushed through another $1.9 trillion bill with less than half of those funds going to direct COVID support. Based on the current U.S. population of 331 million people, this bill will cost an average of $5,740 from every man, woman and child, not including loan interest.

Socialism seems good until you realize that we will pay for it as a nation in higher taxes, inflation, lost productivity and international market share.

John Harley


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