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Letter: Biden administration can't be for real

Letters to the editor-2021

Can there be a more incompetent group of people than the advisors surrounding Biden, who is the most incompetent of them all. I thought Vice President Kamala Harris was in the witness protection program until she surfaced in Paris laughing with a fake accent.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has the FBI investigating parents who attend school board meetings objecting to the indoctrination of their children, going so far as to label these parents as domestic terrorists. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm laughs about the price increase of gasoline and heating fuels; Secretary of State Lloyd Austin is still trying to convince the American people that the Afghanistan withdrawal was a success as hundreds of Americans were left behind as well as $80 billion of military equipment; Pete Buttigieg, secretary of transportation, says the supply chain crisis will be solved by more training; and Janet Yellen is trying to convince us that this out-of-control inflation is transitory.

I would label this group as the clown show, but I do not want to insult clowns. At least clowns help society by making us laugh, where as the Buffoon Brigade makes us grimace. Biden's latest nomination  is Saule Omarova to the position of Comptroller of the Currency. Omarova is a USSR born Marxist who stated that she wants the U.S. oil industry to go bankrupt.

Let's go Brandon.

Ed Sabo


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