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Letter: Trump has accomplished a lot

Letters to the Editor

I'll toss a bone to all the Democrats and never Trumpers and admit that, yes, President Trump is quirky, bombastic, insulting, self-absorbed and often unrestrained. His critics are legion and believe the president a menace to society at the very least. I say, "So what?"

Look at the plus side of the ledger and then ask yourselves are you better off after Trump's four years or not? In spite of the withering criticism he has received even before he was inaugurated and the Democrats' futile attempts to impeach him, President Trump has accomplished far more in four years than he is given credit for for:

• Put tariffs on China to force the Chinese to agree to better and fairer terms of trade; this use of tariffs brought billions of dollars into our treasury;

• Created the USMCA agreement to replace a weak NAFTA;

• Pressured European leaders to contribute more to NATO; $100 billion was added to the defense of the West;

• In conjunction with England France, President Trump launched 105 Patriot missiles to Syria to cripple its chemical weapons program;

• Essentially decimated ISIS; signed the Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Amendments Act to sanction any agency found cooperating with terrorists;

• Moved the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem;

• Authorized raids on MS-13 gangs; arrested 796 MS-13 members--an increase of 84% more than in the last year of the Obama administration; and

• Rebuilt the economy by paring down the size of the federal government, gave regulatory relief to businesses and banks and signed an order for a hiring freeze to find out how money was being spent

Because the left, through its fog of hatred, is unable to see Trump's accomplishments, they cannot understand why people support this president. However, I see the Trump presidency as one that defends the system that made America so prosperous and that means respecting America's ideals of faith, freedom, individualism and a can-do attitude.

Pat Kirk


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