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Letter: People have taken God for granted

We wait by faith and keep praying and toiling amidst COVID-19. Prayers and condolences are offered for ones who lost loved ones, lost jobs, financial security and homes etc.

God is not pleased with the world today. Psalm 9:7. The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

The Lord speaks in many mysterious ways and via a plethora of modes and means. Many people don’t listen, believe or see what God is trying to portray as either they are in their own world and can’t fine-tune the intricacies he bemoans or deplores. Proverbs 3:5-6. We must trust God and not our understanding; He shall direct our paths.

It may be difficult for one to understand what our sovereign, all mighty, omniscient God has on the verge of blooming during these so-called new-normal times. The beginning of the end is not now. This, however, has been from the inception of time and for generations to come.

You tend to see the prophecies of God with the natural eyes and faculties; but you must see him and his revelations in the spiritual realm and truth. One must have a relationship and be one of God’s children. What a loving God as he warns us via storms, pestilences, diseases, earthquakes, animals, etc. He gives us every opportunity to get things – these earthy houses, bodies, souls and minds – in order before he comes back to earth in judgment, not salvation.

Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out the mouth of the Lord. Matthew 4:4. Some don’t live by God’s word because they fight with the word. The worst implement as to knock a man or woman down is the Bible. It is intended for one to live upon and not be the weapon of controversy; it is our daily bread, upon which we rejoice and live. Not by feelings we experience.

We have taken God for granted. We bring many things on ourselves by being oppressive, hateful, unjust, unbelieving, disobedient, ungodly and unholy. Doing things and thinking we are not going to be held accountable – how we treat one another and disrespect and have no regards for our lord and savior. Will come a day of reckoning for the things we have done; good or bad with no respect of person. God is tired of foolishness, sin, corruption and wickedness. God is love.

Now is perfect time since there is no NBA, WTA, PGA, MLB or NFL and casinos are closed to gambling and betting to teach and train our children and youth in ways of God, the plan of salvation, holiness and how to please and glorify our soon coming king.

Prayer and fasting go on vacation until a storm or crisis brews. Dissolution and resolution will occur when we return to God and he will return to us.

Robert Reed


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