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Letter: Denounce COVID-19 censorship

I read last Monday’s article titled “S.C. Congressman appears in video claiming virus cure” and felt I had to respond. I do not know Rep. Norman, but believe he was right to introduce the America’s Frontline Doctors news conference. I disagree with his Democratic opponent that there was anything dangerous about this event.

All of the presenters were medical professionals, most of whom are in active clinical practice. They stated their experience with various treatments for COVID-19 and gave their opinions as to how best to handle this virus. I listened to parts of the press conference Monday and felt their points were compelling. In particular, Dr. Stella Immanuel stated she had successfully treated about 350 patients with a regimen that includes hydroxychloroquine, the mineral zinc and an antibiotic.

As a nutritionist I have been reading much of the medical literature about COVID-19 and possible treatments. Despite what the Aiken Standard article said, there have been at least 66 studies – 35 of which have been peer-reviewed – about the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19. In these studies hydroxychloroquine has been effective in improving outcomes when used as an early-onset treatment.

A primary-care doctor in New York, Vladimir Zelenko, is using this triple therapy with his patients and has submitted an article to be published on his results. The Detroit Medical Centers has also has successfully used hydroxychloroquine in trials on its COVID-19 patients. Harvey Risch MD, a professor at the Yale University School of Public Health, just published an opinion article in Newsweek magazine, stating his support for hydroxychloroquine as an effective early treatment for COVID-19.

From all the research I have read, including what I have cited here, I believe that this could be a worthwhile treatment. I personally was prescribed and took hydroxychloroquine in 2007 as a malaria prevention aid before going on a mission trip to Haiti. It is definitely appropriate for practicing physicians to publicize their experiences with a treatment they have found to be successful without censorship.

The article refers to these videos being removed by social media. Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube have all been censoring these and other health-related information that does not comply with their “standards.” This smacks of communist China which takes down any information that does not adhere to the party line. Are we coming to the place in the United States where free discussion of opinions, especially by knowledgeable sources, is censored? The Aiken Standard editorial policy states that it encourages a diversity of opinions. I call on the paper to denounce the censorship that is currently happening among many of the major media outlets.

Ginger Hudock


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