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Letter: Crane should not express opinion

The recent actions taken by a sitting member of the Aiken County Board of Education, Jason Crane, are not only inappropriate but a prime example of the “cancel culture” he purports to hate.

His statements as reported in the Aiken Standard, especially regarding USC Aiken’s Chancellor, Dr. Sandra Jordan, are entirely wrong for a number of reasons.

1) The Aiken County Board of Education has nothing to do with anything regarding USCA, its leadership or decisions made concerning anything.

2) Statements of disapproval of Dr. Jordan and her leadership are totally inaccurate; she is doing an incredible job under extremely difficult circumstances. The university is fortunate to have her at the helm.

3) Making public statements of your opinions, not facts, is what got Kenny Thomas in trouble. Take a lesson Mr. Crane.

4) At some point the voters in his district are going to wonder why Crane is choosing to subjugate pressing school board issues to involve himself in something that’s none of his business.

5) Mr. Crane apparently missed any classes he attended at USCA regarding civility. Personal attacks on Dr. Jordan are not only very wrong, but counterproductive to whatever wrongheaded goal he may have had in mind.

I am a proud supporter of all things USCA. All of Aiken County should be.

Larry Jones


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