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How do I remove mysterious, stubborn stains from my carpet?

Have you ever entered a carpeted room and noticed a stain that wasn’t there previously, and you wondered how it got there?

If you remember from any previous articles that include asking children for information when it comes to a “whodunit” mystery of how things got the way the are, you know there are never any straightforward answers.

When the culprits are adults, it doesn’t seem to get any better. In an office setting, you still get the same answers, albeit they may change the vocabulary slightly. I guess it’s a universal default mechanism that kicks in to preserve life; I don’t know.

There is good news. Even though I can’t encourage you that the universal response to spills and accidents has reversed from a self-preservation default mechanism to one that readily admits when one has made a mistake, created an accident or spilled coffee, there is a cleaner available on the market that can easily take care of those problems in an instant.

You’d think such a product would be something found on the far side of the earth or that had to at least be ordered online; certainly nothing that works so well could be in every convenient location, such as the places we shop every day.

I had an unsightly stain in a client’s carpet this past year that had the distinct look of a pet stain, the No. 1 color, not to be confused with No. 2.

The mystery, however, was neither we nor the homeowner had pets inside the house.

Even though we covered the carpet with that adhesive-backed, roll-out type floor protection, for approximately 5 feet wide by the full length of the room, the stain occurred on the carpet 6 inches further to the left of the floor protection. Upon one of my inspections to the job, I noticed the stain and was very concerned about it, as well as the customer.

As I considered my options, she suggested we try something she had in her repertoire of cleaning aids. She brought out a spray bottle of a product called “Folex.”

I read the instructions, which was simply to spray the area thoroughly then daub it up with a cloth and watch the stain disappear.

I was amazed at the results. It vanished before my eyes. I was so impressed by it, still not knowing how common it was, I took pictures of the bottle so I could research it later and make sure I didn’t forget the name of it.

As I Googled the name, I was surprised to see it was available at so many places we shop every day, like Lowe’s, Bi-Lo, Walmart and several other commonly known stores.

I felt a little disappointed that it was so common but so excited that it was easy to find and I wouldn’t have to pay freight charges for it.

I was in Lowe’s and went down the cleaning aisle. The bottle is 32 fluid ounces and is mainly white in color with purple print that states, “No Rinsing! Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover.”

The first thing it lists is pet accidents, but I don’t see how my client’s stain was from a pet. Of course, I don’t even know if it was No. 1; it just shared the same color characteristics.

I was delighted at the results and secured a bottle for my home and office because, even though I can’t get anyone to own up to it, someone spilled coffee on our office carpet, and they refuse to own up to it.

JD Norris is the owner/operator of DreamMaker Bath&Kitchen and a certified S.C. Master Builder, certified “Aging in Place” Specialist and certified Green Professional.

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