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Letter: Natural immunity effective against COVID

Letters to the editor-2021

The letter to the editor published Oct. 7, from Jim Hidlay and an article published a few days earlier from a doctor located somewhere in the South, prompts me to write this letter. Mr. Hidlay ends his letter with, “Get the shot, for all of us.” And the good doctor stated he hears many wacky reasons from patients for not getting the shot, including that the vaccine has sinister tracking devices included in it. Adding to that nonsense is an increasingly tyrannical government that takes the position that only the vaccine can save us from doom and mandating the vaccination is the way to go.

Not so. And the science so often touted by the liberal hacks in Washington and the main stream press, proves that there is a third huge and growing avenue of protection. A scientifically proven protection that the press and the government will not acknowledge or discuss. And you wonder why we distrust them?

According to government sources, over 44 million people (let that number sink in) have had COVID in the U.S. That number is clearly smaller than the actual cases since those are only the ones reported to the government. Now here’s where the science kicks in.

Reputable university researchers have reported findings in the last few months that those who have had COVID have long-lasting protection from getting it again. These universities include Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis (“Even Mild COVID-19 Induces Lasting Antibody Protection); The National institutes of Health (“Lasting Immunity Found after recovery from COVID-19”); and Maccabi Health Care Service of Israel (“Large Israeli Study: Natural Immunity Provides 13 Times More Protection Against Delta Than Pfizer’s Vaccine Does”).

The U.S. press loves to report that our hospitals are full of COVID patients who are unvaccinated. If you look under the covers at this claim, about 30% of recent COVID hospitalizations are among those who have been fully vaccinated. Over 5,000 of those fully vaccinated have died from COVID.

While the press reports unvaccinated hospitalizations, never do I see a breakdown showing those who have been confirmed to have had COVID before, and those that are new COVID cases. Why is that? I suspect it is because the number of hospitalizations among prior COVID infected people is miniscule. I tried to research what the real numbers are, but no one is reporting them. Hmmm.

We hear so much from the government and liberals about the mandate to get the shot, but almost nothing (including in the Aiken Standard) about natural immunity. Natural immunity science reports to be more effective than the shot which we now know wears off after a few months.

So please, no more liberal scare tactics and self-righteous shaming of those who have not been vaccinated. The reduction in cases we’re now seeing is due to those vaccinated and the more than 44 million who have previously survived COVID.

Who’s really disseminating fake COVID news?

Paul Anderson


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