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Letter: DeVine's points are pointless

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Letters to the Editor

Mr. Devine's column, "Takeaways from a tumultuous election" could use some clarification. The election itself was not tumultuous but rather went quite smoothly. It was the lead-up and aftermath (both loaded with false accusations) that was tumultuous. Especially the totally unfounded claims that the election was "stolen. Mr. Devine's four points are a classic example of this effort.

His first point is Trump's supporters are just as devastated as Hillary's were four years ago. That may well be true. But he totally ignores the fact that four years ago Hillary was projected to win, and this time Trump was expected to lose - an important distinction. He also conveniently forgets that Hillary won 3 million more votes than Trump and still lost – good reason to be upset. Trump not only lost the electoral college, but he lost by more than 5 million votes. He then castigates the Democrats' supposedly basely charges of Russian collusion and other Trump failings. I refer him to the 53 indictments and convictions obtained.

His point two – the coronavirus response wasn't Trump's fault and the US really isn't any worse off than any other country is almost laughable if it were not so sad. All the facts totally dispute this – by almost any measure, the US response was worse than any other country.

His point 3 states that Trump's 71 million votes were more than received by any other GOP candidate in history. True – but he chooses to ignore that many more votes were cast overall this election and Trump had more votes against him than any other President in history while Biden had more votes cast for him than any other candidate in history.

His point 4 states that Trump's reluctance to accept the election results are not an attack on the "sanctity of the election." Does anyone other than the truly gullible believe that? Well before the election, Trump was attacking it, saying if he loses it will only be because the election is rigged. Then as the election is unfolding, he (and others in the Republican cabal) are screaming fraud – with absolutely no evidence. And, even as the accusers recant, the party loyal still hold back and threaten to disrupt the transition. Absurd.

And lastly, Devine challenges Biden to work together. Biden will – the same as he has done in the past. It is the Republicans who seem to have a problem with this. From McConnell instructing his team to not work with Obama and make him a one-term president to the Merrick Garland fiasco, the Republicans have not shown any willingness to compromise.

For years I was a supporter of the Republican Party as they were a party of fiscal responsibility (not with the $4 trillion deficit now), thoughtful Statesmanship (we actually had allies back then), and social responsibility (They actually believed in the rights of all citizens and the contributions of immigrants). I miss those days.

Stephen Pearcy


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